Divorce & Family Law FAQ's

Do I have to have an attorney if I want to get divorced?

The simple answer is “no”, but given the complexities of Minnesota family law, partnering with Kevin Shoeberg, a knowledgeable divorce attorney is highly recommended.  Even when a couple is in agreement about the basic outcomes of this process, the legal paperwork and the court procedures involved in filing for divorce can be very intimidating.  Using forms from as online company or having a paralegal prepare your divorce papers can have the same repercussions.  Nothing can replace qualified legal assistance when dealing with divorce.

How does the court establish child custody?

The type of custody a Minnesota Family law court choses to grant depends on what the court considers to be in the child’s best interest.  Custody can be either physical or legal and either awarded jointly or solely.  

How much time will it take for me to finally be divorced?

It can take anywhere from six months to a year or more for a divorce to be finalized.  The specific time frame involved depends on many variables, including to what degree you and your spouse can agree on a final settlement.

Can I have custody and support orders modified?

Yes.  We can assist you with modifications should the need arise.  If both parents are in agreement regarding child custody or child support modifications, it is a matter of filing the proper paperwork.  If there is any disagreement however, it will be necessary to go to court to have these decisions considered.