Real Estate Law FAQ's

Why should I hire a Minnesota Real Estate Attorney when I’m buying or selling a piece of property?

Partnering with Kevin K. Shoeberg, a Minnesota real estate attorney, is the best way to safeguard your substantial investment and your rights if you are purchasing or selling a piece of residential or commercial property.  The complex rules and regulations surrounding real estate law in the State of Minnesota give deceptive lenders and other fraudulent parties ample opportunity to take advantage of those who lack adequate representation when engaging in a real estate transaction.  

What should I do if I have a dispute concerning a piece of real estate?

No matter what kind of civil dispute you are having, it is critical to retain dedicated legal representation as early as possible if you expect your voice to be heard in court. Most real estate disputes can be resolved before reaching the litigation phase. 

What is a deed?

A deed is the official document that grants an ownership interest in land. A deed must be drafted carefully with a clear description of the property and the type of ownership that the parties are transferring. Sometimes, a deed comes with a promise that the owner has a valid title to the property. A deed with that kind of guarantee is called a warranty deed. Other times, a property owner just wants to release any interest that they may have in a deed if they even have any ownership interest at all. That kind of deed is a quitclaim deed. 

The kind of deed that you receive is crucial to the type of purchase that you make when you acquire property.